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CBD gel UK form is an alternative remedy for a potentially wide range of ailments. Shop here for CBD gels and take advantage of our free shipping on orders over £40.

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What does CBD gel do?

CBD gel, similar to other Cannabidiol (CBD) products, is suggested to be able to relieve specific therapeutic needs, such as pain and tension in muscles. Working in the same manner as a muscle rub such as Deep Heat, or Ibruleve, CBD gel is an alternative therapy with natural ingredients.

CBD gel is absorbed transdermally (via the skin) and enters the blood system where it can affect any benefits it may have. The University of Kentucky in the US has run studies on CBD gel and transdermal Cannabidiol to test its efficacy. This was done on rats and was shown to elicit a pain relief and inflammation response.

Source: University of Kentucky study on CBD absorption via the skin

Is CBD Gel Safe?

In tests, CBD gel and other CBD products have been shown to be well tolerated by users. The World Health Organisation released a full statement on alternative cannabis compounds, reinforcing the view that CBD gel can be considered to be safe for use.

Source: WHO - World Health Study on Cannabidiol